Isidore has worked in a leading role in projects in number of countries in Africa. In March 2018, he completed the Project Management Concepts course online. We asked him about his experience.

What Project Management insights that you gained during the course have been most useful to you?

Project acronyms and other term definitions (List of Terms) and project authority structure principles.

Have your writing skills improved as a result of the course? If so, in what way?

Yes, my writing skills have improved in the fact that I have improved on my project concept knowledge. My vocabulary is more concise. I am more aware of the necessity of including footnotes when quoting from another source. The List of Terms exercise was a particular eye-opening on utilizing the right grammar, paying attention to text font consistency and so on.

How comfortable were you with reading basic schedule information before the course and by the end of the course?

Before the course: 7; by the end of the course: 10.

What personal changes have you made as a result of the course?

I did not use to wake up early in the morning and do work from my room before going to the office. I have now developed new habit where I go to bed before 21:30 and wake up between 3 and 4 a.m. to do work if I have any pressing matter to expedite. This habit result from the course.

My language sounds more professional as I use the correct word when talking about projects. I have heard people using the term “scope creep” even when a proper change management procedure was followed. Working in project department, I now timeously apply the Rule of Risk.

The way the course is organized, I did not have to memorize any concept, but I had to use my own thinking for tests. I cannot pinpoint where critical thinking is being apply my professional life but it surely is. I found myself having a discussion about different types of fallacies with my daughter who is completing her honours in Strategic Management.

How would you describe your overall experience of the Project Management Concepts course?

Very interesting and productive for me who does not have any type of education related to project management. Applicable in many aspects of life.

The course has created in me an almost urgent need to embrace the next stage and learn more in the same way.